Aging in America Care App is now available for users of IPhones and Androids devices to find Healthcare Providers.

Townapps are very pleased to announce the release of the newly developed Aging in Amercia App. This is the first of many apps designed to help the older adults within the US to have information for healthcare providers, and the services that the older adult and their families need. The Aging in America App is owned by Karyn Rizzo and Rick Carter

Karyn Rizzo, Author of Aging in America Navigating our Healthcare System is working with Conch IT, owner Rick Carter and Townapps to create the FIRST FREE CARE APP for older adults, Caregivers and Patients to connect with Healthcare Providers in real time on their IPhone and Android Cell Phones. Complete with Caregiver News, Government agencies, Category types, and maps and directions with GEO Location! People can now get connected to Healthcare providers right in the palm of your hand!

Aging !n America Care App and Conferences were formed when Karyn Rizzo, and Rick Carter of Conch IT witnessed the struggle that families go through to find quality healthcare information for their loved ones. Having personally and professionally dealt with navigating the American Healthcare System, they decided to try to make the process easier.

Caregivers of older adults can now download the Care App, go to the Website and buy their copy of Aging in America: Navigating our Healthcare System, to help them find the providers and benefits they need for care! Aging !n America Caregiver Conferences are being done all over Florida and will be coming to a location near you soon! We’re asking people regardless of where they live, to download “Aging in America Tampa Bay” and give us their feedback on this unique and helpful caregiver tool.

We at Townapps are pleased to be associated with the Aging in America team and helping to bring the App to the market. As stated the App is free to download on both Android and iOS devices. If you have enquires about Townapps in the Canada please contact
Austin Comerton
Vice President
Townapps Ltd

Canada Tel: (613) 413 0979
Email: | Website:

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